Sayonara Siamese & Orientals



 All Sayonara kittens are registered with the New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc, vaccinated and de-sexed before leaving home.

 Our kittens are raised in our home and have their own bedroom. Slightly older kittens have access to the garden where they can react with dogs and chickens. As they get older still, if they are adventurous, they may be lucky enough to encounter a sheep or a cow in the paddocks.

 Our kittens leave home with their own litter tray, generous samples of biscuits from various companies, a toy and plenty of paperwork.

 We do not allow our kittens to leave home unless they are transported in a safe, comfortable carrycase.


News for January 2016

Below first photo of the kittens just born from Tye and Paddington also Sapphy and Ringo.

...and here are our parents 'growing up' photos.

We have Toots' son Ringo bred by Sue Starrs, Butterfingers' daughter Tye bred by Jeanette Feather and Golly's last kid Sapphy.

Ringo is a Seal Lynxpoint Siamese, Tye is a Cinnamon Classic Lynx Oriental and Sapphy is an Ebony Silver Classic Lynx Oriental.


...and the latest kids from our Sapphy and Jeanette Feather's Nomices Mischief Manager

These kids ready to leave home at the end of November 2016. They have their bags packed already.